2017 DerbyCon Podcaster's Podcast

Critical Security Controls: Part 1 (with Brian Ventura)

Critical Security Controls: Part 1 (with Brian Ventura) (WITH BRIAN VENTURA) ADVANCED PERSISTENT SECURITY PODCAST EPISODE 23 GUEST: BRIAN VENTURA October 24, 2016 If you enjoy this podcast, be sure to give …

2017 DerbyCon Podcaster's Podcast

Mobile Insecurity (with Georgia Weidman)

Everyone wants to think about how secure they are. This podcast flips the script and assesses insecurity, specifically Mobile Insecurity. We discuss issues within the mobile computing ecosystem.

1. Current Event: Apple Quick Time and why could it not have been Flash. Georgia’s dad still uses Microsoft XP and won’t connect his printer to the network.
2. Georgia delivers her “Mobile Insecurity” talk and we discuss issues in the mobile threat landscape and possible mobile issues.
3. Mobile Malware, Ransomware, and MDM are discussed. Issues within the actual mobile Operating Systems are discussed briefly.
4. Joe asks if Georgia sees mobile devices distributing Ransomware and Malware to cars.
5. Quick banter of Apple vs FBI and the implications of the precedent both attempted and actually set.