NSA breaks 1024-bit encryption

NSA breaks 1024-bit encryption | NSA

NSA breaks 1024-bit encryption According to a recent article by Alex Halderman and Nadia Heninger, what most people feared in the cryptography fields looks all too real, the NSA is in the …

About Matthew Eliason

Matthew Eliason was born in Houston, Texas.  Upon graduating from high school, he joined the Navy.  His first tour was as an Information Systems Technician of a 130 client DOD network where he developed the documentation and maintenance procedures from 2007-2012.  In 2012, he transferred shore duty where he serves as a system and security administrator.

He graduates with a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology from American Military University in November of 2015. He holds the CompTIA Security+ certification and has extensive experience in DOD Information Assurance (IA) and Cyber Security compliance and procedures.  He enjoys golf, hiking, watching football in his spare time.