Adobe Patches Exploited Vulnerability

Adobe Patches Exploited Vulnerability

Adobe rushed out an emergency patch to fix a Zero-Day threat. According to Krebs on Security, Adobe is warning that the vulnerability is already being exploited in active attacks.

The critical bug exists in all versions of Flash. Ars Technica added that the serucity updates for Windows, Mac, Linux, and ChromeOS should prevent an attacker from taking control of the affected system. The attackers are using a newer type of ransomware dubbed Cerber, which is understood to have been in the wild since at least March 31.

Our Analysis

Per PC World, Flash will be automatically updated in Google Chrome across all platforms. Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer for Windows 10 and Internet Explorer for Windows 8.1. If you have Flash Player that isn’t automatically updated, then you need to update to the most current version or remove for your system.

The current version of Flash Player for Windows/Mac is and on Linux. In these situations, there isn’t much the user community can do besides wait for the company to release the fix to the security hole.

It is however recommended that if you are on Windows 10, that you just remove Flash Player from your PC. The broswers have it and keep it up to date. If you use Google Chrome on any system, then you do not need Flash Player either. Flash Player has been frequently targeted over the years and still is a huge security risk.

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