FCC FTC Look at Mobile Updates

 FCC FTC Look at Mobile Updates

FCC FTC Look at Mobile Updates

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are looking for details on how companies release their mobile security updates. Per CNET, the FCC sent letters to the four major U.S. carriers. They are AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. The FTC are looking into the mobile device and software makers, most notably Samsung, Apple and Google.

The FCC targeted one bug in specific called Stagefright, according to The Verge. Stagefright continues to be exploited in unique ways after several patches to fix the holes.

As reported by PC Magazine, the companies were asked to respond to the questions within 45 days. The FTC are asking questions such as, What are the factors considered in deciding whether or not to patch a vulnerability on a particular mobile device? They are also requesting detailed data on devices sold since August 2013.


Our Analysis

This is a very interesting topic because most phones stop receiving timely patches after the first year of release. Unless you root your phone and flash updated ROMs to get the latest Operating System or features, then your operational device gets left behind. Before carriers started offering leasing programs, they offered a 2-year contract. By the end of the contract most devices hadn’t received updates for six to eight months.

It hasn’t been reported on whether or not these companies will be fined or forced to an update schedule, but it could lead to setting up a precedent for future devices. A monthly release of patches would tremendously help device longevity, but could cut into the bottom line of these companies who make new versions of flagship phones yearly.

With mobile devices being used more frequently for shopping, banking and other personal matters, they need to be as secure as possible to prevent identity theft. It is however the user’s responsibility to be aware of vulnerabilities and bugs going around to help prevent becoming a victim. If you own one of these devices through a carrier, then this is a topic worth following to ensure you are getting the most out of the device you currently use.

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