Microsoft State of Security Address

Microsoft State of Security Address

Microsoft State of Security Address: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke in Washington D.C. today and discussed how the company is spending more than $1 billion dollars a year in research and development to build security into its products (PC World). Bloomberg added that the high-profile attacks in recent months have led to more than 160 million data records being compromised, Nadella said.

Microsoft was once notorious for having major security flaws in all of it’s products, but in recent years they have begun cleaning up and making security one of its main priorities. According to the New York Times, Microsoft has even impressed security specialist Mikko Hypponen. He has stated that Microsoft has changed themselves from worst in class to the best in class.

Another possible reason for Microsoft to revamp their security features is because of Apple. Per the Washington Post, Apple has positioned itself as a privacy leader under CEO Tim Cook and is setting itself up to compete against Microsoft in the enterprise market.

Our Analysis

It’s great to see Microsoft putting security front and center after the barrage of cyber attacks in 2015. “During today’s keynote, Satya Nadella showcased how innovations in Windows 10, Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) work in tandem with each other, and with partner solutions from across the security ecosystem to deliver a holistic, agile, security platform” (Tech Crunch). This is huge once enterprises begin upgrading to Windows 10 and looking to make their company more secure.

It also doesn’t hurt that Apple is making strides in the enterprise market to create competition. Competition can drive both companies to be innovative and strive to produce the best product and most secured. Will these security changes fully prevent a breach? No, but it could cut down on specific types of attacks. Unfortunately it took a lot of high-profile attacks and compromised data to make security a high priority. Security should be one of the main priorities of any company and as IT advances, so will the hackers. Hopefully more individuals will become mindful of security and help prevent the next big breach.

Other High Profile Breaches:

Experian (includes T-Mobile)
Trump Hotels
Tesla and Chrysler (unrelated to each other)
Apple App Store
U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM)
Kaspersky & FireEye (unrelated to each other)
Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield
Ashley Madison
Ashley Madison (follow up)

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