Partners and Causes

This is a page dedicated to the Partners and Causes that Advanced Persistent Security cares about. Please feel free to reach out to our partners and most certainly consider donating to the causes we believe in.


While thriving and being profitable is important for us, we also believe that we should give back to the community and support causes close to our hearts.

I Will NOT Be #22

I Will NOT Be #22 is a veteran suicide awareness 501(c) non-profit organization that specializes in helping veterans in need and raising awareness in the community. Since Advanced Persistent Security is veteran owned, this is a natural fit. While the organization should not have to exist, 22 too many veterans lose the battle with their demons daily. Advanced Persistent Security has lost friends to this very cause and aims to help I Will NOT Be #22 eradicate veteran suicides.

Rural Technology Fund

Rural students, even those with excellent grades, often have fewer opportunities for exposure to technology than their urban or suburban counterparts. Growing up in rural Kentucky, RTF Founder Chris Sanders saw this problem first-hand and decided to do something about it.

The Rural Technology Fund (RTF) recognizes the very real “digital divide” between rural and non-rural areas. For rural communities to remain economically viable and appealing as a home to new industry, technology-based or not, these communities need to fully understand the potential that technology can provide, and encourage growth of those skills in local youth.

Ensuring that students from rural areas are able to go out and acquire the education they need and desire will go a long way to helping these communities overcome the digital divide.

Unfortunately, technology is unlike agriculture, healthcare, or even legal fields, where even the smallest communities have practitioners who can provide support within the community. In the ultimate Catch-22, because rural areas are generally not where technology companies have offices, students interested in this type of career often find little community support in terms of local internship opportunities, education training programs, and/or mentoring opportunities. The founder of the RTF and several of its board members encountered this scenario when they graduated from their own rural high schools.

With this personal experience driving The Rural Technology Fund, we seek to lower barriers to rural students and ensure that they have an easier road to technology-based careers. This is supported by several different programs.

Innocent Lives Foundation

Innocent Lives FoundationThe Innocent Lives Foundation started with the desire to make a positive impact on behalf of children. Our Executive Director, Chris Hadnagy, in connection with work that he was doing for his company Social-Engineer, LLC, had the opportunity to work on a few cases that helped track and capture predators who trafficked children and committed other crimes.  Some of these cases hit him very hard.  He saw the impact that these crimes had on innocent people, and he wanted to do something about it.

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