Partners and Causes

This is a page dedicated to the Partners and Causes that Advanced Persistent Security cares about. Please feel free to reach out to our partners and most certainly consider donating to the causes we believe in.


These are organizations that we believe in. While they contribute to our success, we hope to contribute to their success as well. This list is ever evolving and will continue to grow with time.


Peerlyst is a community of security experts ONLY that helps you stay on top of news by creating a personalized feed where you get posts from your community and blogs from the top industry bloggers, all customized to your specific interests. While we still love lists, a great thing about Peerlyst is no more email lists to discuss a topic with other experts. On Peerlyst you can invite specific people to any discussion. You can build your reputation by creating a profile and contributing content that will help others see your expertise. The better your content is, the higher you rank. The added bonus is that Peerlyst never gives your information to any vendor. To them, you are not a lead! you are a pro.


While thriving and being profitable is important for us, we also believe that we should give back to the community and support causes close to our hearts.

I Will NOT Be #22

I Will NOT Be #22 is a veteran suicide awareness 501(c) non-profit organization that specializes in helping veterans in need and raising awareness in the community. Since Advanced Persistent Security is veteran owned, this is a natural fit. While the organization should not have to exist, 22 too many veterans lose the battle with their demons daily. Advanced Persistent Security has lost friends to this very cause and aims to help I Will NOT Be #22 eradicate veteran suicides.

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