BSides Atlanta (with Martin Fisher)

Advanced Persistent Security
Advanced Persistent Security
BSides Atlanta (with Martin Fisher)

BSides Atlanta (with Martin Fisher)



GUEST: Martin Fisher

October 17, 2016

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BSides Atlanta (with Martin Fisher)

BSides Atlanta (with Martin Fisher) SHOW NOTES

Apology: Unbeknownst to us, we encountered sound distortion issues around the 3:30 to 5:15 mark and some sound overlapping later in the podcast. I apologize immensely for this. I am in the process of upgrading my recording equipment to a more professional set up to  get away from relying on software to record.

Your ears do not deceive you, Armor Guy, Martin Fisher is on Advanced Persistent Security Podcast. Joe introduces Martin and we kick off the conversation about BSides Atlanta. Here is a quick Q&A:

  • Are BSides Atlanta Tickets sold out? Yes, but more may open up closer to the time of the event. Follow the Twitter feed to check for continuing updates.
  • What do you have to pay for? Parking. Pay for Atlanta Tech Village parking. It’s $6 at ATV, vice getting booted for $75+.
  • Are CPEs available for attending the event? Yes. Take the form from the site (below) to the event.
  • Are there any volunteering opportunities? Not at this time. The response was excellent.
  • When will the speaker list be out? Within about 10 days of the event.

<h2″>ABOUT Martin

BSides Atlanta (with Martin Fisher)
Martin Fisher

Martin is a seasoned and experienced information security executive with experience in the healthcare, commercial aviation, and finance sectors. His passion is to build high performing teams that, in turn, build excellent programs that add capability and value to the larger organization. He believes in programs that create guardrails – enabling business to change as quickly as needed without driving off a cliff – and not speed bumps that only hinder the velocity of valuable change and only detract from value.

He has been co-host of the award nominated Southern Fried Security Podcast since January 2010. The podcast focuses on issues of information security management and leadership and has, since its inception, delivered over 200,000 episode downloads to listeners.

Martin was honored to be a 2014 Information Security Executive of the Year Southeast nominee.

Resources and sites mentioned:

BSides Atlanta
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BSides Atlanta: Twitter / Website
Twitter: @armorguy
Podcast: @sfspodcast
Southern Fried Security Podcast


Hosted Locally on Advanced Persistent Security


Hosted Locally on Advanced Persistent Security


Hosted Locally on Advanced Persistent Security

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