Popular Toy Maker VTech Breached

Popular Toy Maker VTech Breached

Organizations such as the federal government are always on alert for a cyber attack and now companies that cater to children will have to be conscious after VTech admitted that 5 million accounts were breached. According to Mashable, at least 200,000 accounts were related to children.

PC Magazine said “The hacker, whose identity was not revealed, said he or she was able to collect conversations and head shots from the company’s Kid Connect service, which allows parents and kids to chat via a smartphone app and VTech tablet. The oldest logs were dated from the end of 2014; the most recent came from last month.” This revelation of head shots of your children is very scary.

Per PC World, Vice’s Motherboard tech news site first reported the breach.

Our Analysis

Security experts warn that hackers now are likely to target similar companies that handle customer data (Reuters). The Hong Kong based toy maker will likely see agencies investigate the breach and try to mitigate the damage done. The Internet of Things (IoT)will likely see more breaches as more devices are being connected through the web. Things such as wireless security/baby cameras and other digital toys will now require some computer saavy skills to ensure that only the intended people are able to use the device.

According to ZDNet, VTech is shutting it’s app store down temporarily and has suspended 13 of its associated websites. Once they believe that the hole has been patched, then they will be available again to the public.

Just like our home networks, phones, computers and even products like Nest need to be properly configured. It’s always best when you receive a new device and hook it up to change the default password. These passwords are in the manual and on the Internet, which makes them easily accessible. As more consumer products are being developed and integrated into the IoT, the more consumers will be at risk unless they develop the necessary tools to harden their home networks.

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